Tournament hosted by: ColoradoFlats & SantaNeedasucc

$350 total cash purse for top 3 riders in each tier! Special Prize for 4th and 5th! 
Over $900 in cash and prizes!

UPDATE!! We have decided that every high level rider needs to participate in this tournament as we say goodbye to a game we all love. There will now be 2 tiers to the Fusion Farewell Tournament…Level 6 and below and Level 7 and above. We thought this event was too important and needed to showcase all high level riders in the game. Obviously, this was our motive from the beginning and now through unforeseen support from the trials community, we can make this happen! Both tiers will abide by the exact same tournament structure with the same tracks. We have also extended the entry deadline to Saturday, Jan 12th.

Fusion Farewell Tournament was initially founded by Kevin Van Lear (ColoradoFlats) but will be realized along with another major player in the trials community, Jake Hughett (SantaNeedaSucc). We decided that this would be our major contribution back to the great trials game and community that we all love so much!

Our first goal was to create a special tournament to showcase the amazing ability of top level trials video game riders and do so at such a time as to coincide with the Trials Rising game release date. The second goal was to come up with a tournament structure to extract the most consistent and dialed riders, with a stringent qualification process with all aspects of the game included throughout the entire tournament. So, we put our money and our heads together and came up with an elegant, yet simple concept….

Here are the tournament logistics:


  • Must have zero faulted a ninja level 3 or higher track, approved by tournament officials.  Any rider wishing to complete this pre-requisite will have until Saturday, January 12th to do so and get their entry form submitted and validated. This is a cross-platform tournament and anyone who matches pre-qualification criteria may enter, regardless of gaming platform.
  • All riders wishing to participate in the qualification process must have entry form submitted and validated by Saturday, January 12th, Midnight, GMT.
  • Any rider who has successfully passed a level 7, or higher, ninja track, will compete in a separate tier.


We ask that all participants please join the Trials Tournaments Discord
This is where we will communicate with riders in real time…



  • Qualification will begin on Monday, January 14th and go through Sunday, February 3rd, giving all participants 3 weeks to grind the qualification track. This qualification period ends at 10pm, E.S.T. – All scores will be recorded at that exact time and will not be accepted after (Verify timezones now, not then). There have been posting issues when it comes to gaming servers in the past, so we recommend that all participants prepare to make sure their final score is posted 30 minutes prior to this time, although we understand there may be some last minute attempts, those servers are out of our control.  At that exact time, we will press the leaderboard button on each respective platform 
    and the results will be recorded. If for some reason Ubisoft servers are down at this exact time, we will just continue to try to connect until they come online and then the scores will be recorded. Qualification results will be posted as soon as they are compiled. 
  • The qualification track, a level 4, will be custom built and the brain child of Mr. CaveManDave himself. This track will contain 3 sections of all 3 disciplines of trials, front wheel/back wheel, technical and throttle or variations of each and be released for play on the above date.
  • At the end of the 3 week period, the top 20 riders from Tier 1 and the top 10 riders from Tier 2 on the leaderboards for the qualification track, who are officially entered in the tournament, will move on to the finals.
  • Main Cross-Platform Qualification Leaderboard for both Tiers will be updated here on the website and in the tournament discord, twice a day throughout the 3 week process. [We will do our best to coordinate updates more frequently and will communicate any update to the leaderboard in the tournament discord.]


  • Finals will be held over a 3 day period…Friday, February 8th – Sunday, February 10th. [Scheduling to begin on Monday February 4th]
  • Tier 1 (Level 6 and below) riders will be grouped into 7 groups of 3, with the last group only containing 2 riders. One group will ride at the same time, so all runs will be broadcasted for viewers, 3 simultaneously and 1 multitwitch. (This will change if there are not enough participants and we only take the top 10 from tier 1. – essentially cutting the number of groups in half)
  • Tier 2 (Level 7 and above) riders will be grouped into 3 groups of 3, and 1 rider will join the last group of the Tier 1, to make 3. One group will ride at the same time, so all runs will be broadcasted for viewers, 3 simultaneously. [Update to clarify: Any riders may be grouped together regardless of Tier. All riders will ride individually and this will not affect the Tier you compete in… for example 30 riders, 3 per group will be 10 groups total – ** If we end up only taking 20 riders total, then the last group will have 2 riders only ** This is for scheduling purposes only and does not affect the logistics of the tournament]
  • Finals will consist of 3 separate tracks, one of each discipline [2 LEVEL 4s & 1 LEVEL 5], hand picked by professional riders with the main goal of extracting the most consistent 
    rider, within a high stress environment, regardless of gaming platform. – Each track will be released at the beginning of each consecutive day of the finals (This release time is still being discussed to maximize fairness and will be communicated), essentially creating a very minimal practice environment. The groups will also be rotated everyday to make this process as fair as possible. For example, day 1, group 1 rides first and each respective group rides thereafter per scheduling. Day 2, the group order will be bumped by 3 positions, meaning that group 8 rides first and group 1 that rode first on day 1, will ride in position 4 on day 2. Day 3, the group order will be bumped by 4 positions, meaning group 4 now rides first and group 1 would ride in position 8 for the last day. [I will upload a diagram soon, it is simple and as fair as possible for track release and practice purposes]
  • Participants will get one shot (30 minute time limit, no resets, in an MP environment, but playing alone) at each track, one track per day.  
  • Final score will hold true to the games traditional leaderboard style system.  This score will be determined simply as average faults 
    across all 3 tracks, and average time across all 3 tracks. DNF scores will be treated as 500 faults and 30 minutes. [For example, Rider X on track 1, day 1 gets 56 faults in 12:45. Rider X on track 2, day 2 gets 90 faults in 23:23. Rider X on track 3, on day 3 gets a DNF. Rider X’s score will be as follows and applied to an overall traditional leaderboard which will then reveal the outcome. Average faults, 56+90+500 / 3 = 215.3 fault average with an average time of 21:893]
  • Since 3 to 4 players will all take runs at the same time (This may also change to a larger number depending on how many streamers we will have during the finals) and will all be broadcasted separately on twitch, cutting the daily time down significantly. They will however, still be long days. We will work with every participant to schedule all times and runs on a best for everyone basis. But, please know that this is a tournament and we will have time constraints, so we do expect the participants to plan to be flexible on those days!


Top 3 riders in each tier will be ‘in the money’. Distributions as follows (in USD):
1st – $200
2nd – $100
3rd – $50

Top 3 riders will also receive an engraved plaque.
4th – Custom prize TBD
5th – Custom prize TBD

Payouts and prizes will commence in March and be coordinated with those persons.

We will also hopefully be doing various giveaways during the tournament as time / resources permit.

Any questions or comments may be directed to:

Rules and Regulations:
– Absolutely no cheating of any kind will be tolerated. This tournament will operate under the honor system, but valid issues may be further investigated. Any evidence of cheating will result in immediate disqualification.
-Qualification track will be strictly prohibited from the track editor in any fashion on any platform during the qualification period.
– No person other than yourself will play under your gamertag.
– Must meet all prequalification aspects to participate.

*** F.Y.I. – Tournament officials may consult with top level, non participating riders, throughout the tournament process. ***